Stakeholder Focal Points

Stakeholder Focal Points

Major Groups and other stakeholders are essential partners for the 10YFP; they  have demonstrated important contributions in promoting SCP in various areas and through different activities, such as research, lobbying, advocacy, training, financing, outreach, networking and catalysing multi-stakeholder partnerships. 

Good examples of major groups and stakeholder contributions to SCP are registered in the Global SCP Clearinghouse. This includes, for example, their work at the forefront in developing environmental product labels and environmental and social certification programmes.
The 10YFP adopted documents state that “Fundamental changes in the way societies produce and consume are indispensable for achieving global sustainable development. All countries should promote sustainable consumption and production patterns, ... Governments, relevant international organizations, the private sector and all major groups should play an active role in changing unsustainable consumption and production patterns” (Paragraph 1.a).

Nomination of Stakeholders Focal Points

Following the adoption of the 10YFP at Rio+20, the Secretariat has invited all Major Groups to designate sustainable consumption and production focal points with a view to ensuring contact and coordination with the Board and the Secretariat. 

Invitations were sent to the ECOSOC Organising Partners and UNEP Facilitating Committees, to jointly nominate one global and five regional Focal Points and their alternates for each of the nine Major Groups to support the 10YFP. 

The date, nominations have been received from: Children and Youth, Farmers, NGOs, Women, Workers and Trade Unions.

For more information on the nomination process, please consult:

- the letter sent for nomination 
- the guidance for Stakeholders focal points

 Download: List of nominated Stakeholder Focal Points 


The second Meeting of the 10YFP Stakeholder Focal Points was held on 13 May 2015, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, USA. This meeting provided, among other things, a brief update on progress achieved under the 10YFP and forthcoming milestones, as well as highlights on the role of 10YFP Stakeholder Focal Points (SFPs).

The first Meeting of the 10YFP Stakeholder Focal Points was held on 20 June 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya, aiming to provide an overview of the 10YFP, offer a dialogue on the role of Stakeholders Focal Points in supporting the implementation of the 10YFP at the regional and national levels and to identify areas of collaboration among majors groups and other 10YFP partners.


The role of the Stakeholder Focal Points 

The role of Stakeholder Focal Points is to provide guidance, facilitate and coordinate the engagement of stakeholders/major groups in the 10YFP activities and implementation.
The main functions of the stakeholder focal points are to:
  • Support the mission, principles and objectives of the 10YFP;
  • Contribute to the 10YFP implementation, providing their expertise and encouraging their networks and partnerships to participate in relevant areas of the 10YFP, including the programmes, meeting, research activities, demonstration projects, training and workshops among other activities;
  • Act as an effective channel for communications on the 10YFP to their constituencies, and be the focal points for the 10YFP Secretariat and Board;
  • Share information on the SCP activities carried out by the major group through the Global SCP Clearinghouse (, information networks, and periodical updates and information in the 10YFP website and newsletter;
  • Identify synergies and enhance cooperation with other 10YFP focal points and stakeholders;
  • Comment on strategic and implementation documents on the 10YFP;
  • Identify and propose emerging issues and/or additional programmes that could be included in the 10YFP, and
  • Participate in teleconferences, webinars and relevant 10YFP meetings (regional/international). The participation of the Global or Regional Stakeholder Focal Points in the international or regional meetings will be subject to availability of funds. The Secretariat will ensure participation of as many as possible SFPs depending on the budget available.

For more information, please contact the 10YFP Secretariat: