National Activities

National Activities

National focal points are organizing inter-ministerial national roundtables:

The Western European and Others Group National Focal Points (NFP) meeting highlighted on-going actions from NFPs in organizing inter-ministerial national roundtables and dialogues to coordinate each country’s participation and support to the 10YFP:

-       The US has conducted coordination across departments on the 10YFP over the spring 2013;

-       Belgium held an inter-ministerial meeting on the 10YFP in July 2013;

-       Sweden regularly organizes coordination and dialogue meetings with different ministries;

-       Switzerland, Jordan and France NFPs have organised inter-ministerial and multi-stakeholders roundtables on SCP and the 10YFP.

These meetings help coordinating action on the 10YFP and raising awareness in other ministries than the ministry of National Focal Points.

National 10YFP programmes and initiatives launched

  • As a follow up to Rio+20 and the adoption of the 10YFP, the Indonesian Minister of Environment, Minister Kambuaya, launched the Indonesian 10 year framework programme, with the Minister of Agriculture and other stakeholders on the World Environment Day, on 5 June 2013. The Indonesian SCP roadmap to 2023 is focusing on SCP implementation in green buildings, sustainable public procurement, green tourism and green industry, with the objective of moving forward with policies and implementation with national stakeholders and the national planning commission. The uptake of SCP in the national development policy has been advanced since the launch of the national plan. This is reflected in Presidential Decree Number 43 of 2014, as a focus in the first year of the Mid-term National Development Plan of 2015-2019.

  • Mexico has developed a special programme on SCP which is now part of the national development plan for 2012-2018.

  • New funds provided by the UN Development Account will support the implementation of SCP in five countries, including Colombia, Lao and Zambia, to advance implementation of their national SCP plans, and to Honduras and Pakistan to develop their own national SCP plans.

  • The Government of Brazil launched the SPC Action Plan in 2011, then in the context of the international discussions within the Marrakech Process. Since 2012, the partnership with UNEP supports Brazil's participation in the 10YFP. For more information on the shift to SCP in Brazil, please read our article.

  • The Republic of Mauritius developed a national Programme on SCP, with the support of UNEP in the context of the Marrakech Process. The 5-year Programme, which was implemented as from 2008, achieved a decrease in energy and water consumption per capita and the promotion of synergies among key development sectors. To continue embracing sustainable development, the government formulated the “Maurice Ile Durable” (MID) framework in May 2013, with SCP as its underlying basis. For more details, please read our article.