The African region has been at the frontline for the promotion of sustainable consumption and production (SCP). The African 10-Year Framework of Programmes on SCP, approved by the African Ministerial Conference on Environment (AMCEN) in 2005, has spurred the development and implementation of a number of sub-regional, national and local SCP programmes.

After Rio+20, AMCEN at its 14th session (September 2012, Arusha, Tanzania), adopted a decision on SCP that calls for a review of the African 10-Year Framework Programme to hasten the implementation of the global 10YFP.

8th African Roundtable on SCP and first 10YFP Regional Meeting: Mobilizing Partnerships and Scaling up SCP in Africa

The 8th African Roundtable on SCP (ARSCP) and 1st 10YFP Regional Meeting for Africa took place from 12 to 15 May 2014 in Windhoek, Namibia, bringing together nearly 100 participants including 10YFP National Focal Points (NFPs) and alternates from 25 African countries, members of the ARSCP, National Cleaner Production Centres, UN agencies including UNEP and UNIDO and the European Commission. Agenda and report to come.

A capacity-building workshop for African 10YFP NFPs was organized by the 10YFP Secretariat on 16 May to enhance their engagement in 10YFP programmes and planning for implementation. A Regional African Roadmap for the 10YFP is being developed in consultation with the NFPs and other participants of the Windhoek meetings.

Download the Agenda: Workshop for African 10YFP NFPs

African Workshop on National Initiatives on SCP and the 10YFP: Supporting regional and national implementation of SCP in Africa

The African Workshop on National Initiatives on SCP and the 10YFP was held on 13 October 2013 in Gaborone, Botswana. The main objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Provide a global and regional overview on SCP and the 10YFP;

  • Share experience on national implementation: best practices and lessons learned;

  • Open dialogue on best opportunities under the global 10YFP to address gaps and needs for regional and national implementation in Africa, and develop linkages with the SWITCH Africa Green project

  • Contribute to the revision of the African 10YFP and provide inputs to the preparation of the 1st Regional Meeting of the 10YFP in Africa.

Download the Agenda: First 10YFP regional workshop

The Consultative Meeting - SWITCH Africa Green Programme 
The Consultative Meeting - SWITCH Africa Green Programme started on 14 October 2013 at the Gaborone Sun Hotel in Botswana. The meeting introduces the SWITCH Africa Green Programme while looking at linkages, synergies and potential integration with the 10YFP and discuss inputs  and regional institutions such as academia and private sector.

Download the Agenda: AMCEN Switch meeting 

Past events in the region:

African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN) Meeting of Experts on Post Rio+20 Regional Flagship programmes (10 - 12 April 2013, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania).

The meeting updated the Regional Flagship Programmes, including the SCP flagship, as mandated by the 14th Session of AMCEN. Experts at the meeting concluded that the flagship programmes are long-term initiatives aimed at responding to Africa's needs in a more coordinated way and contributing to the effective implementation of the Rio+20 outcomes in the African region. In addition, a pre-session side event on green economy and sustainable consumption and production (SCP) was convened on 9 April 2013 at the same venue to enable participants to contribute effectively to the discussions on the green economy and SCP flagship programmes. 

The meeting was officially opened by Dr. Terezya Huvisa, President of AMCEN and Minister of State-Environment in the Vice-President’s office, Tanzania and was attended by experts from several African countries, representatives of UN agencies, African Union Commission, international and regional organizations as well as development partners.