Member State Body to Receive Reports

Member State body to receive reports

The UNGA67 has nominated ECOSOC as the ad interim Member State body, to receive reports from the 10YFP Secretariat and Board. The UNGA68 will review this interim arrangement.


As part of the ECOSOC General Segment, a panel on “The 10YFP: One Year after Rio: A world in motion for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP)” was organized, on 19 July 2013. High level participants from Austria, Indonesia, Mexico, Switzerland, South Africa, UNDESA, as well as the 10YFP Secretariat, shared their experience and expectations. Mr. Martin Sajdik, Vice-president of Ecosoc mentioned that “the 10YFP provides a global platform for internatianl cooperation to accelerate the shift towards SCP in both developed and developing countries”. The session highlighted actions in countries and regions, already underway, as a response to the adoption of the 10YFP. Minister Balthasar Kambuaya, Indonesian Minister of Environment called for the 10YFP to facilitate access to capacity building, sharing SCP best practices and using indicators, and informed on the launch of an Indonesian 10YFP in June 2013. Ncumisa Notutela, Deputy Permanent Representatives of South Africa to the UN Office in Geneva mentioned the importance of linking SCP with the challenge of meeting basic needs and the provision of sustainable livelihood, and informed on the development of their SCP framework for sustainable development. Anik Kohli, Senior Policy Advisor, Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland, expressed its long standing support to the 10YFP, and informed about a sustainable public procurement ordonnance adopted in January 2013. These actions will be supported by the 10YFP, the newly nominated board and the UN agencies through the UN Inter Agency Coordination Group (IACG).

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