The UN Interagency Coordination Group

UN Interagency Coordination Group (IACG)

The Inter-Agency Coordination Group (IACG) of the 10YFP aims at ensuring the greatest level of cooperation and coordination within the UN system for the implementation of the Framework. 


So far 19 UN bodies have now joined the group, including: UNCTAD, UNDESA, UNDP, UNECLAC, UNEP, UNESCAP, UNESCO, UNESCWA, FAO, UN Habitat, UNICEF, UNIDO, ILO, ITC, UNOPS, UNU, UN Women, UNWFP, UNWTO. More UN bodies are welcome to join the IACG.

There are two co-chairs. UNDESA has been elected as co-chair for a period two years (2013-2015). UNEP is a permanent co-chair, as the 10YFP Secretariat.

Main objectives and expected outcomes:

1.Greater visibility of the 10YFP as a key Rio+20 implementation mechanism;
2. Coordinated, effective and substantive contribution of the UN system, respecting existing mandates and programmes of work, to fulfill the objectives, goals and functions of the 10YFP, and those of its programmes, and to support implementation at all levels;
3. Enhanced information sharing and coordination among UN bodies to support governments and other stakeholders’ efforts on shifting to SCP patterns. 

Main areas of action include:

i) enhancing visibility within the UN and raising awareness outside the UN;
ii) enhancing coherent inter-agency support for the implementation of the programmes;
iii) conducting joint research;
iv) promoting information exchange, and
v) responding to the 10YFP Board.

Key Documents


  • The second meeting of the 10YFP Inter-Agency Coordination Meeting took place on 8-9 May 2014 in Paris, with the participation of 15 UNEP bodies. The outcomes of the meeting illustrate the readiness and willingness of the IACG members to engage actively in the implementation of the 10YFP and its programmes.

  • In the context of the 2nd meeting of the High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development (30 June-9 July 2014, New York), the IACG organized a joint side event on "One UN One UN for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP): joint action to implement the 10YFP agenda” on 30 June, with a panel composed of UNDESA, UNESCO, UNESCAP, FAO and UNEP. The IACG also developed and circulated a joint paper on "SCP in the proposed SDGs". It was also decided to further involve the IACG in the 10YFP Secretariat forthcoming report on SCP for Poverty Eradication, Competitiveness and Climate Change Mitigation, conducted in partnership with the University College of London (UCL) and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) through the identification of evidence-based case studies demonstrating and quantifying the multiple benefits of SCP.

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