Jul 11

Written by: 10yfp-shabani
Friday, July 11, 2014  RssIcon

The first 10YFP Stakeholder Focal Points (SFPs) meeting was held on 20 June in Nairobi, Kenya back to back to the fifteenth session of the Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum (GMGSF-15) and the first United Nation Environment Assembly (UNEA). The meeting offered a dialogue platform between SFPs and with the Secretariat, allowing an overview of the goals, structure and implementation of the 10YFP itself and the Global SCP Clearinghouse as an exchange tool between SFPs. The role of the SFPs was highlighted, including the dissemination of knowledge on 10YFP and the importance of their linkage to their constituencies and with the 10YFP National Focal Points (NFPs). These links are a key to the 10YFP being a vehicle for practical action on the ground supporting policy change towards sustainable consumption and production (SCP). Areas of collaboration between stakeholders and other 10YFP partners were identified and participants explored funding opportunities. The need for the 10YFP secretariat to provide guidance to the SFPs, along with the importance of fostering and building stronger linkages between ministries, NFPs, civil society and the SFPs, was also stressed.

SFPs presented the state of their involvement, their progress and the challenges they face in supporting the shift to SCP within their constituencies, regions and countries. For instance, the SFPs under the Children and Youth Initiative for SCP have begun to undertake a mapping exercise to establish which NGOs and civil society organizations are supporting the shift to SCP and the kind of initiatives they are engaged in.

A range of challenges for the 10YFP SFPs we re also identified, and in particular the need for interaction with the NFPS. The NFPs are the policy makers at the national level; they are thus a key target group for SFPs to engage with. The Secretariat agreed to share the list of NFPs, and their contact points, with the SFPs, who in turn could help in the understanding and responding to the priorities of the 110 NFPs under the 10YFP.

After the 20 June meeting, the SFPs continued their involvement throughout the first United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) that took place from 23 to 27 June also in Nairobi. At their request, the 10YFP Secretariat organized an informal meeting between five of the stakeholder focal points and four Board members present at UNEA. This meeting showed a strong willingness with the Board and the SFPs to provide mutual support in the implementation of the 10YFP. In addition, the “I love SCP” campaign was promoted by the SFPs during UNEA to show the commitment of a broad range of stakeholders within the international community to Sustainable Consumption and Production, and the importance of embedding this objective in the Sustainable Development Goals.

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