Global SCP Clearinghouse

Global SCP Clearinghouse

The Global SCP Clearinghouse offers a unique one-stop hub dedicated to knowledge sharing, cooperation and innovation for SCP implementation around the world. It brings together the actors of the SCP community at all levels – governments, civil society, business sector and other stakeholders.

As the 10YFP has evolved, so has the role of the Global SCP Clearinghouse, which serves as the official information and knowledge sharing platform for each of the 10YFP programmes. With five programmes launched, and a sixth on the way, the Clearinghouse is an interface where the programme coordination desks can interact with their stakeholders.  It is a hub for the 10YFP programmes, where members can exchange information about upcoming projects, events and other opportunities to collaborate in the realization of the objectives of each 10YFP programme. The Clearinghouse will soon be upgraded to allow an even more dynamic, user-friendly experience to foster cooperation within and across programmes, scaling up projects and leveraging resources to deliver increasing collective impact.

The Global SCP Clearinghouse was launched on 21 May 2013 in Paris, following an online promotion campaign started in February 2013

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Find out all that is happening on SCP around the world

  • Worldwide SCP Initiatives database: How many national SCP strategies are being implemented? What is my country doing on sustainable public procurement? Look into the SCP Initiatives database to learn about all kinds of actions that governments, the business sector, civil society and others are taking worldwide Tell colleagues and friends about what matters most to you, share your own initiatives and showcase best practices on the Global SCP Clearinghouse!

  • SCP News & Event calendar: Start your day with fresh news on SCP, check the SCP Event calendar and stay on top of developments through A new partnership on Resource Efficient cities has been launched? Is there any event on Sustainable Food Systems in next month? Be the first one to know! Need to inform the SCP community about a new project, a publication, a workshop? Post your news and events on the Global SCP Clearinghouse.

Find partners and build more cooperation

  • Cooperation opportunities: Do you have great ideas but are struggling to find the right networks and partners to move forward? Can anyone connect you to donors, partners or networks? Check the global SCP marketplace where members can share and browse calls for cooperation, project proposals or explore funding opportunities.

  • SCP working groups: Advance the SCP agenda and collaborate through working groups focused on themes or specific initiatives you are part of or interested in. They offer collaboration areas with forums and other tools delivering an innovative ways of working together.

Develop and strengthen capacities

  • Directory of experts and resource persons: Are you looking for ways to further build or strengthen your capacities on SCP, or having difficulty finding the right SCP expert or resource person for your project? Browse the SCP expert and resource person directory to find the people you need to achieve your objectives. 

  • SCP E-Library: Discover an E-library that provides you with many tools - manuals, guidelines, reports - on multiple topics, from sustainable lifestyles to SCP indicators. Find what you need in one click!

The SCP Global Clearinghouse has seen impressive growth since its launch just over two years ago. With more than 2300 from more than 2000 organizations and 200+ countries and territories, this diverse and expanding membership is a pool of potential collaborators for SCP stakeholders around the globe. The 500+ strong expert/resource person directory can provide insight on multiple topics, facilitating cooperations and encouraging dialogues thanks to years of experience.

MySCP: Take part and follow your activities

MySCP will allow you to interact with others, manage your contacts, follow your favorites, share your activities or become featured as an expert.

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The objectives of the webinar series are to promote the Global SCP Clearinghouse, strengthen and expand its communities worldwide; and provide live training to key actors, including national and regional SCP focal points, policy-makers and other stakeholders, on the benefits and features of the platform.

We provide live training on the benefits and features of the platform.