Consumer Information Programme

Consumer Information Programme

Current Stage: Launched

The 10YFP Consumer Information Programme (CIP) serves as a global platform to support the provision of quality information on goods and services, and the identification and implementation of the most effective strategies to engage consumers in sustainable consumption.  It empowers and raises the profile of relevant policies, strategies, projects as well as initiatives and partnerships, building synergies and cooperation between different stakeholders to leverage resources towards mutual goals.

Objectives of the Programme

  1. Improving availability, accessibility and quality of consumer information to create a basis for the provision of credible information.

  2. Driving change in government and business to ensure that the framework conditions are provided to support best practices in relation to consumer information.

  3. Enhancing communication to drive behavioural change and ensure the transition from being informed to taking action.

Why a 10YFP Programme on Consumer Information?

Research indicates that the demand for sustainable goods and services is high and growing, but consumers often remain unable to make informed choices. The main reasons for this include the lack of transparency, complete information, and the proliferation of labels and standards, which complicate the comparison of information when purchasing goods and services. 

Empowering consumers, businesses, retailers and governments 

The 10YFP Consumer Information Programme (CIP) facilitates access to practical and comprehensive information to guide and support consumers’ choices for sustainable products through the provision of accessible, reliable and verifiable information based on a life cycle approach. To achieve this objective, the CIP is engaging a wide range of stakeholders including consumer associations, businesses, retailers and governments in a consultative process for joint action.  This includes the following:

  • Consumers to ensure that relevant, transparent and reliable information on the sustainability of goods and services is provided to facilitate purchasing decisions. 

  • Businesses to use consumer information tools to identify and reduce the negative impacts of their goods and services on the environment and workers over their entire supply chain.  

  • Retailers to voluntarily commit themselves to promoting more sustainable products, providing better information to consumers and reducing environmental and social impacts over their supply chains. 

  • Governments to stimulate the development of operating markets for sustainable products, and the use of information tools including labels and other incentives that can foster sustainable consumption. 

By exchanging and learning from each other, businesses, retailers and governments can scale up effective practices to address today’s environmental, social and economic challenges.

To learn more about the programme's work areas, please consult the following document: 10YFP CIP Work Areas.

Structure of the 10YFP Consumer Information Programme

The CIP is co-led by Germany through the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety; Indonesia, through the Ministry of Environment; and Consumers International

A Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC) – comprising governments and institutions - oversees the programme’s coordination and implementation. Governments: Burkina Faso, France, Jordan, Peru and the United Kingdom; Inter-governmental organisations: European Commission; International organisations: International Network of Product Sustainability Initiatives (INPSI), International Trade Centre (ITC), UNEP and UNEP/SETAC Life cycle Initiative (LCI); NGOs, Networks and Private Sector: AKATU Institute, Caribbean Consumer Council, Centro Tecnológico para la Sustentabilidad, Consumer Education Trust (CONSENT), Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN), Green Purchasing Network (GPN, Japan), International POP Elimination Network (IPEN), ISEAL, Pick and Pay and Sustainability Consortium.

In addition to the MAC members, more than 30 partners across the world have joined the Programme as of June 20th 2014. They will contribute, participate and benefit from various activities of the programme, including workshops, trainings, policy tools, information sharing on best practices and lessons learned.

For more complete information on the objectives, the work areas and contributions of the CIP, please refer to the template.

Get involved today!

The 10YFP Consumer Information Programme (CIP) is open to organizations and individual experts interested in joining a collaborative platform to support activities that relate to consumer information and the objectives of the CIP. Please fill in this document if you would like to become a partner. 

Contact us: 10YFP CIP Coordinating Desk
C/O UNEP, Division of Technology, Industry and Economics, 15, rue de Milan, 75441 Paris Cedex 09              

Register your consumer information activities and get the latest news on the CIP at the Global SCP Clearinghouse: