What are the 10YFP Programmes?

What is a 10YFP Programme?

Programmes are at the core of the 10YFP. They contribute to meeting the objectives, goals and functions of the 10YFP, responding to national and regional needs, priorities and circumstances. The programmes build capacity to implement policies, voluntary instruments, management practices, information and awareness raising activities to promote the shift to SCP patterns.

The 10YFP programmes bring together existing initiatives and partnerships working in similar areas, highlighting good practices and success stories, building synergies and cooperation among stakeholders to leverage resources towards mutual objectives and minimize duplication of ongoing efforts. The programmes support the use of a mix of policy, regulatory and voluntary instruments and set clear objectives, activities and indicators of performance and success.

Initial list of Programmes

The following is the list of existing Programmes and their work areas. Click on a Programme to access the full programme document.

There is the possibility to build additional programmes, based on consultations and requests from governments and other stakeholders, taking into account scientific information on SCP priorities at the global, regional and national levels. Criteria and process for additional programs have been discussed and agreed with the 10YFP Board. Please find the Criteria and process for additional programs document attached.

In addition to the first five programmes, a new programme area has been approved by the 10YFP Board on Sustainable Food Systems.

Why and How to Join the Programmes of the 10YFP?

To date, more than 500 stakeholders, including governments and large scale implementing partners (UN bodies, civil society and private sector organizations) are engaged in the 10YFP and its programmes.  

Becoming a partner of a 10YFP programme provides opportunities to combine with others for action on the ground, developing innovative projects at scale, and the possibility to access a variety of funding sources. 

For more information on how and why to become a partner of a 10YFP programme, please click here!

Steps to Develop the 10YFP Programmes

The 10YFP Secretariat is developing guidance for the structure, development and operationalization of the 10YFP programmes, and is supporting consultations to develop and launch the five initial ones.

A proposed “5-steps model” has been prepared to give guidance for the consultations and elaboration of the programmes. 

Common Format/Template for Programmes Proposal

Likewise, as proposed in the 10YFP adopted document (A/CONF.216/5), programmes need to “be described in a simple common format, covering the programme criteria mentioned above and identifying lead actors.” The Secretariat has developed a draft of this common format. It is meant to be used to submit a programme proposal to the Secretariat.

Important note: this format would be filled in and submitted to the Secretariat as step 3 of the model mentioned above, only after step 1 - Stock Taking & Consultations and step 2 - Key partners develop programme proposal are completed. 

Download the Guidance document on the 10YFP programmes: Criteria, structure and steps to develop and operationalize them