10YFP Actors and Structure

The 10 YFP Actors and Structure

The 10YFP includes: a Secretariat, a UN Interagency Coordination Group, a small Board, National and Stakeholders Focal Points, and a Member State body to receive reports.

  • Board: a 10-member board consisting of two members from each UN regional group. The Board has the main functions of promoting the 10YFP;   guiding the secretariat; assisting in securing funding, including contributions to the Trust Fund.

  • Secretariat: served by UNEP with the main objective to fulfill the functions of the 10YFP and administer the Trust Fund.  

  • UN Interagency Coordination Group: to ensure UN cooperation in the implementation of the 10YFP, identifying synergies and joint projects, and engaging the UN agencies in relevant 10YFP activities (e.g. programmes, research, trainings, national implementation). 19 UN bodies have joined this  Group: UNCTAD, UNDESA, UNDP, UNECLAC, UNEP, UNESCAP, UNESCO, UNESCWA, FAO, UN Habitat, UNICEF, UNIDO, ILO, ITC, UNOPS, UNU, UN Women, UNWFP, UNWTO.

  • National and Stakeholders Focal Points: National focal points nominated by Member States with the objective of ensuring contact and coordination with the Board and the Secretariat, and to support the 10YFP implementation. Other stakeholders have been invited to nominate focal points. 

  • Member State body to receive reports: The UNGA67 has nominated ECOSOC as the ad interim Member State body, to receive reports from the 10YFP Secretariat and Board. The UNGA68 will review this interim arrangement.