The 10YFP Board

The 10YFP Board

Decision 67/203 of the UN General Assembly established a 10YFP Board composed of ten countries with an initial term of two years. The Board was nominated and formally established in September 2013 (decision A/67/L.81). The Board has since adopted its terms of reference, guided the development of the 10YFP Programmes, set up the criteria and process for the adoption of new 10YFP Programme areas, and is guiding the operationalization of the 10YFP Trust Fund.

In the Decision A/69/379 of the General Assembly, the Secretary-General conveyed recommendation of the secretariat of the 10-year framework of programmes on sustainable consumption and production patterns, regarding future terms of its board.

Download the Terms of the Board of the 10YFP: Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish

10YFP Board Members

The United Nations General Assembly (Decision 67/203) established a 10-member Board consisting of two members of each UN regional group. Board members are nominated for a two-year term.

Second Term

In September 2015 the process start for Board Members to be re-nominated by their Regional Groups. The UN General Assembly confirmed the new composition of the 10YFP Board in November 2015. Five of the countries serving in the 10YFP Board for its first term will continue representing their regional group during the second term, namely: Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Republic of Korea and Romania. Five new countries are joining the 10YFP Board for its second term: Albania, Argentina, Kenya, Nigeria and Turkey.  A first face-to-face meeting of the new Board will take place from June 6th to june 7th 2016 in Paris. 

  • Africa: Kenya and Nigeria
  • Asia Pacific: Indonesia and the Republic of South Korea,
  • Eastern Europe: Albania and Romania
  • Latin America & Caribbean: Argentina and Mexico
  • Western Europe and other States: Germany and Turkey

List of the Board members


1.                    Promoting the 10YFP;

2.                    Guiding the 10YFP Secretariat;

3.                    Assisting the Secretariat in securing funding for SCP, including voluntary contributions to the Trust Fund;

4.                    Overseeing the Secretariat’s operation of the Trust Fund and its project approval process to ensure neutrality, objectivity, transparency, accountability and regional balance in the allocation and use of resources from the Fund;

5.                    Reviewing annual progress reports by the Secretariat on programmes under the 10YFP;

6.                    Reporting annually to ECOSOC (as ad interim reporting body) on the progress of the 10YFP; 

7.                    Convening international and regional meetings;

8.                    Guiding preparations for the five-year review of the 10YFP; 

9.                    Inviting representatives of United Nations bodies and major groups to participate in its deliberations.

Board Meetings

5th Board meeting, 6-7 June 2016

The fifth Board meeting was held on 6-7 June 2016 in Paris.

Topics discussed during the meeting include, among others:

1)       Terms of references of the 10YFP Board

2)       Progress achieved under the 10YFP

3)       New 10YFP Secretariat work plan

4)       Monitoring and evaluation framework

5)       Mid-term evaluation

6)       Resource mobilization

7)       Election of chair and co-chair

A final report of the meeting can be found here.

4th Board meeting, 13th May 2015

The fourth Board meeting was held on the 13th May 2015, back to back with the First Global Meeting of the 10YFP. Held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

3rd Board meeting, 15-16 October 2014

The third Board meeting was held on 15-16 October in Santiago, Chile.
The objectives of the meeting were, among others, to provide the Board with an update and discuss the development, implementation and progress achieved on the 10YFP programmes, and to analyse the current reflection of SCP in the SDGs, with a focus on the potential of the 10YFP as an implementation mechanism for the post-2015 development agenda. The Board also had the opportunity to hold an interactive dialogue with the members of the Executive Committee of the LAC Regional Council of Government Experts on SCP and representatives of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

Available for download:

Briefing on the status of the 10YFP programmes
Summary Report of the Third Meeting of the 10YFP Board 

2nd Board meeting, 30 March 2014: Green light to a new programme area

The second Board meeting was held on March 30 in New York.

The objectives of the meeting were, among others, to review requests for new programmes, to report progress in the regional activities, to finalize and adopt the operating guidelines of the Trust Fund and to deliberate on the first call for proposals given existing funds.

During the meeting, the Board approved the request from FAO and UNEP for an additional 10YFP Programme on "Sustainable Food Systems" and reviewed the upcoming activities it would participate in for 2014, including the HLPF meeting and UNEA.

To see all the objectives and conclusions of the second meeting, please download the complete Agenda and the Conclusion and Next steps report.

The presentations (PDFs) are also available for download:

1st Board meeting, 1-2 October 2013

The first Board meeting was held the 1st and 2nd October 2013 in New York with the participation of all members (see agenda and meeting report). 

Decisions and Outcomes of the Meeting


1.        Elections of Mexico as Chair, and Indonesia as Vice-Chair for the initial period of two years.   

2.        The Terms of Reference of the 10YFP Board were adopted on the 2nd October.

3.        The Board to decide on observers to be invited to the next meetings based on specific agenda items as included in the TORS.  

4.        Model for developing the initial 5 programmes was agreed (see Guidance Document on the 10YFP Programmes).

Issues under review: 

1.        Criteria and process for approving new programme areas: Secretariat will provide a draft document with criteria and process for new programme areas, for consideration of the Board. Once, this is agreed, concerned parties could then submit a “preliminary concept note for a new programme area” for consideration by the Board before engaging in the preparatory process to develop the programme (following the 5 steps model).

2.        Trust Fund: Fund raising strategy was discussed as well as the operationalisation of the Trust Fund. Secretariat to prepare a paper detailing submission process for project proposals, including specific criteria.

Next Steps:

a) Milestones for the first year were revised. 
b) Side event on the 10YFP to be organized during the 7th Session of the Open Working Group on the SDGs, second week January 2014. 
c)  Next Board meetings and calls: The next conference call will be organised mid December 2013. The 2nd meeting will be held within 6 months (March or April 2014).

Key documents available for download:

1.        ECOSOC President remarks

2.        1st Board meeting report

3.        Presentations (PDFs):

§  Introduction (1.6mb)

§  Milestones (57kb)

§  Organization structure (2mb)

§  Programmes of the 10YFP (1.5mb)

§  Briefing (2.7mb)

 Work of the Board

  • The Secretary-General of the United Nations transmitted the first annual Progress report on the 10YFP, prepared by the 10YFP Secretariat on behalf of the 10YFP Board. It was officially transmitted to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) during its next Coordination and Management Meeting on 17-18 November 2014.
    The report is available for download in:  English | French | Spanish | Arabic | Chinese | Russian
  • Following the Board's first six months of existence, the 10YFP Secretariat prepared an Interim progress report on behalf of the Board for the High Level Political Forum (HLPF).

On 23 June 2014 the 10YFP Board participated in a side event during the first United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) that took place in Nairobi. The side event on "Transforming consumption and production systems through the SDGs" brought together governments and stakeholders who discussed the relevance of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the Post-2015 Development Agenda as well as the 10YFP as a means of implementation for the SDGs. The 10YFP Board prepared a document on “Potential contribution of the 10YFP programmes to the SDGs”.