What is Bioenergy?

In a world facing growing energy demand, high oil prices and an urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, modern bioenergy is considered an essential energy option for many different end uses. Even though demand for bioenergy, particularly biofuels for transport, is currently on the rise, it has also been met by a growing debate questioning its purported benefits. These benefits can come at the risk of environmental, social and economic harm. Read More

Bioenergy is neither good or bad - it comes with opportunities and risks. Comprehensive planning, design and management will determine whether, and how far, these risks can be managed so that the opportunities are maximized and shared.

Conference on Global Assessments and Guidelines for Sustainable Liquid Biofuel Production in Developing Countries, Vienna 18-19 March

The objective of the conference is to aid decision-makers select sustainable biofuel projects in developing countries.

UNEP/ RISOE Release Biofuels Vital Graphics: Powering a Green Economy

Through infographics, the publication creatively illustrates the opportunities that biofuels can provide as well as the risks that need to be mitigated.

UN launches the 2012 International Year of Sustainable Energy for all

The United Nations Secretary-General recently launched a pioneering new initiative, “Sustainable Energy for All,” to mobilize urgent global action on energy.