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In Focus

In Focus

Interview with Bahijjahtu Abubakar

Ms. Abubakar is leaving her position as co-chair of the CCAC in September after a successful two years in the position, where she saw the CCAC grow from seven partners to more than 90. She will remain active with the CCAC on behalf of her country, Nigeria, but she will also become involved more deeply in work with women’s organizations in her country. She sat down with the CCAC Secretariat for a few questions before departing.

You are passionate about this issue of short-lived climate pollutants. Why? What led you to become so involved in the issue and in CCAC?

I’m a very lucky Nigerian woman. I came from Muslim Northern Nigeria and was among the first women allowed to go to school there. I started as a mechanical engineer and then got a master’s degree in environmental engineering. I was probably the first female mechanical engineer in the North.


Report of the 16-17 July meeting of the CCAC Working Group