Mounkaila Goumandakoye: Regional Director, UNEP Regional Office for Africa (ROA)

Mr. Mounkaila Goumandakoye has taken up his position recently after his appointment in June 2008 as the Regional Director for UNEP in Africa.

Mounkaila joins UNEP from UNDP Drylands Development Centre where he started first as Policy Advisor and since 2007as Acting Director. Previously, he was Regional Coordinator for West and Central Africa of the United Nations Soudano Sahelian Office (UNSO).

While new to the UNEP family, he has obtained a wealth of experience in the field of environment and therefore brings extensive leadership and management experience in environment both at the policy and grassroots levels. He also combines an understanding of the geopolitical and socioeconomic situation in Africa with practical experiences on how UNEP can further strengthen its role and relevance on the continent.

Prior to joining the United Nations, Mounkaila, a national of Niger, has worked at the national and regional levels on the nexus between environment and sustainable development. He was Director of Environment of Niger after holding the position of Head of the Ecology and Environment Division of CILSS, a Sub Regional Organization devoted to drought mitigation in the nine Sahelian countries of West and Central Africa.

As a diplomat with the aim of serving global citizens, Mounkaila has also served as a senior member and advisor of many international and regional committees that deal with cross-cutting environment and development issues and has authored a series of comprehensive environmental publications. As part of his personal impact and achievements in society, he is a recipient of international awards and a Merit Order in Niger.

Mounkaila holds a Msc in Watershed Management and a degree of Engineer in Applied Sciences -  Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife. With his educational background in the environment sciences, and his list of achievements and successes including senior positions held in a wide range of national, regional and international institutions within and outside the UN, Mounkaila will certainly be an asset and an inspiration to UNEP and particularly to the Regional Office of Africa and the continent at large, in shaping UNEP's programmes in the region in a way to effectively respond to the needs of African countries.


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