Resolution adopted by the General Assembly

At its 2112th plenary meeting,

On 15 December 1972

The General Assembly,

Convinced of the need for prompt and effective implementation by Governments and the International community of measures designed to safeguard and enhance the environment for the benefit of present and future generations of man.

Recognizing that responsibility for action to protect and enhance the environment rests primarily with Governments and, in the first instance can be exercised more effectively at the national and regional levels.

Recognizing further that environmental problems of broad international significance fall within the competence of the United Nations systems.

Bearing in mind that international co-operative programmes in the field of the environment must be undertaken with due respect for the sovereign rights of States and in conformity with the Charter of the United Nations and principles of international law.

Mindful of the spectral responsibilities of the organizations in the United Nations system.

Conscious of the significance of regional and sub-regional co-operations in the field of the environment and of the importance role of the regional economic commissions and other regional intergovernmental organizations.

Emphasizing that problems of the environment constitute a new and importance area for international co-operation and that the complexity and interdependence of such problems require new approaches.

Recognizing that the relevant international scientific and other professional communities can make an important contribution to international co-operation in he field of the environment.

Conscious of the need for process within the United Nations system which would effectively assist developing countries to implement environmental policies and programmes that are compatible with their development plans and to participate meaningfully in international environmental programmes,

Convinced that, in order to be effective international co-operation in the field of the environment requires additional financial and technical resources.

Aware of the urgent need for a permanent institutional arrangement within the United Nations system for the protection and improvement of the environment.

Taking note of the report of the secretary-general on the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment.

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