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Major outputs

16. RONA outlined the following as the major outputs:

(a) Regular flow of information on United Nations major activities and participation in meetings;

(b) Increased attention and strengthened support for UNEP in United Nations permanent missions and from the Canadian and United States Governments;

(c) Selective reporting on the activities of North American major groups and the results of those activities relating to land based sources of marine pollution and land degradation issues;(d) Expanded media services, including print and video releases, features and fact﷓sheets;

(e) Demonstration project on the "green renovation" of the RONA premises and the identification of best practices in environmental house﷓keeping in the United Nations system;

(f) Partnerships with the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) and contribution to DPI media kits and publications;

(g) RONA home page, as an interactive bulletin with regular updates, providing an expanded environmental information locator.