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Agenda item 2: Organizational matters

(a) Election of the Bureau

7. Speaking on behalf of the outgoing President, Ms. Nadia Makram-

Ebeid, the expert from Egypt, Mr. Abdel Gelil, said that in pursuance of the decision taken at the AMCEN Bureau meeting held in Cairo in January 2000, the Bureau would in future comprise the President, three Vice-Presidents and a Rapporteur elected from the five subregions of Central Africa, Eastern Africa, North Africa, southern Africa and West Africa. The following countries were elected to serve on the Bureau of AMCEN for the period 2000-2001:


President West Africa Nigeria

Vice-President Southern Africa South Africa

Vice-President North Africa Morocco

Vice-President Eastern Africa Uganda

Rapporteur Central Africa Cameroon

(b) Adoption of the agenda and programme of work

8. The experts adopted the following agenda on the basis of the provisional agenda prepared by the secretariat:

1. Opening of the meeting.

Statements by:

(a) Minister of Environment, Federal Ministry of Environment of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;

(b) Mr. Bakary Kante, Acting Director, Regional Office for Africa, United Nations Environment Programme.

2. Organizational matters:

(a) Election of the Bureau;

(b) Adoption of the agenda and programme of work.

3. AMCEN's role in sustaining Africa's future;

(a) Brief presentations by:

(i) Convention secretariats;

(ii) Environmental Law Institute;

(iii) UNIDO Director-General;

(iii) Global Environment Facility.

(b) Proposals for policy and institutional change;

(c) Proposals for a medium-term programme (2000-2004);

(d) Suggested actions.

4. Review of the Abuja Agreement on AMCEN.

5. Consideration and adoption of the report of the meeting.

6. Closing of the meeting.

9. It was agreed to consider all the agenda items in plenary.