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UNEP and Global Green Growth Institute set for closer collaboration

Copenhagen, 12 May 2011 - Efforts to promote a global transition to a more resource-efficient, low carbon Green Economy received a boost this week with the opening of the first regional office of the Global Green Growth Institute in Copenhagen. Located next to the UNEP Risoe Centre - UNEP's collaborative centre on energy, climate and sustainable development - and based at the Technical University of Denmark, the new office was inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Korea, Lee Myung-bak during an official state visit. The President was joined by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

Founded in June 2010, the Korea-based Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of economic growth and development, while reducing carbon emissions, increasing sustainability, and strengthening climate resilience.

Its new next-door neighbour, the UNEP Risoe Centre, supports the United Nations Environment Programme in its aim to incorporate environmental and development aspects into energy planning and policy worldwide, with special emphasis on assisting developing countries.

The UNEP Risoe Centre is already collaborating with GGGI on activities in developing countries, and the two centres are expected to enjoy extensive cooperation in the future.

"We are very pleased that the Global Green Growth Institute has decided to open their first regional office here in Denmark and locating it next to our centre underlines the interest in working closer together promoting green economy issues in developing countries," said John Christensen, Head of the UNEP Risoe Centre.

GGGI supports the widespread dissemination and implementation of a new model of development: green growth. The paradigm of green growth integrates objectives for economic development and environmental sustainability including poverty reduction, green job creation, social development and energy security through the promotion of green technologies and innovations. Green growth is at the forefront of UNEP's Green Economy report, launched in February 2011. The report shows how redirecting two percent of global GDP into ten key sectors (including forests, energy, waste management and agriculture) can boost economic growth and create more jobs than a 'business as usual model', while using the planet's resources in a more sustainable way.

The new centre was opened by (l-r) HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Soren Pind, Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, Richand Samans, Executive Director of GGGI and President of the Republic of Korea, Lee Myung-bak



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