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Creating Pro-Poor Markets for Ecosystem Services

High-Level Brainstorming Workshop 10 – 12 October 2005 London , United Kingdom

Organized by the Division of Environmental Conventions, UNEP in conjunction with the London School of Economics

The High-Level Brainstorming Workshop on Creating Pro-Poor Markets for Ecosystem Services is one of the follow-up activities to the Workshop for MEAs on Mainstreaming Environment Beyond MDG 7 held in July 2005, in Nairobi, Kenya. Participants at this Workshop included heads of various MEA Secretariats, senior representatives of UNDP, the UN Millennium Project and internationally recognized experts in the field of environment and development. They agreed on concrete short-, medium-, and longer-term activities to help ensure that the objectives of the environment and development communities mutually support each other on the ground as well as at the international level.

Economic instruments, including the creation of markets are increasingly recognized as having an important role to play in the implementation of many MEAs, in addition to spearheading sustainable development and reducing poverty. These instruments can generate financial resources, divert funds to environmentally friendly technologies, create incentives for investment, and increase the involvement of private agents in environmental protection.

The London Workshop will consider the opportunities and possible perverse effects resulting from the creation of markets for ecosystem services especially in the form of exclusion of the poor. One of the objectives of the Workshop is to explore ways for the MEAs to support and contribute to pro-poor markets for ecosystem services, if such markets are deemed desirable.




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High-Level Brainstorming Workshop 10 – 12 October 2005 London , United Kingdom
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