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Latest ‘Fluctuations of Glaciers’ Report Launched

Geneva 3 August 2005 - Supported by UNEP and other agencies, the World Glacier Monitoring Service has launched the next edition of the Fluctuations of Glaciers report (1995-2000).

The series ‘Fluctuations of Glaciers’ (FoG), prepared by the WGMS, continously publishes internationally collected, standardised data on changes in glaciers throughout the world at 5-yearly intervals. The objective of the publication is to reproduce a global set of data which affords a general view of the changes,encourages more extensive measurements,invites further processing of the results,facilitates consultation of the further sources, and serves as a basis for research.

In fact, this standarised data set should be regarded as a working tool for the scientific community, especially concerning the fields of glaciology, climatology, hydrology, and quarternary geology.

FoG VIII for the years 1995-2000 is now printed and available both as hardcopy and pdf.

For More Information Please Contact: Jaap van Woerden - GEO & Earthwatch Data Coordinator - UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Geneva - tel +41.22.9178169 - fax +41.22.9178029 - email




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