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Key PEP Poverty & Environment Reports Launched at World Summit

The Poverty & Environment Partnership (PEP) Launches the ‘Environment for the MDGs’ Initiative

Speeding progress towards the MDGs will require stepping up attention to and investment in the environment. Investing in sound and equitable environmental management makes good economic sense, and a major scaling-up of worldwide investment in the environment is essential for creating the opportunities that people need to lift themselves out of poverty.

To inform deliberations at the Summit, the Poverty-Environment Partnership (PEP)—a network of more than 30 international development and environment agencies—launched the ‘Environment for the MDGs’ initiative to galvanize support for the significant scaling up of worldwide investment in environmental management to help win the fight against poverty and achieve the MDGs.

The PEP commissioned background reports on the economic case for investing in the environment to reduce poverty and on tools and methodologies for assessing environment’s contribution to poverty reduction and pro-poor growth.

The 2005 World Summit provides a critical opportunity to mobilize a much wider ‘coalition’ of interested governments, inter-governmental organizations, research institutes, businesses and civil society organizations to take this agenda forward, as an essential component of global action to end poverty and secure the benefits of healthy ecosystems for all the Earth’s inhabitants, now and in generations to come.




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Editorial by Klaus Toepfer, UNEP Executive Director

2005 World Summit

The Green Room
The Green Room is a World Summit collaborative effort by UN partners, NGOs and beyond, to communicate the central role of environmental sustainability in development planning.


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