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Natural Allies: UNEP and Civil Society

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The planetís ecosystems are facing unprecedented challenges... Reversing global environmental declines demands the full and effective participation of all sectors of society. Natural Allies provides a clear picture of how civil society can and does work with UNEP, both benefiting from and strengthening UNEPís programme of workĒ.

Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director, UNEP

Table of Contents

Forward by Dr. Vandana Shiva
Introduction by Klaus Toepfer
Chapter 1: UNEPís Mandate and Civil Society Engagement
Chapter 2: Civil Society Participation in Governance at UNEP
Chapter 3: Civil Society Participation in the Implementation of UNEPís 24 Programme of Work
Chapter 4: UNEP in the Regions
Chapter 5: Financial Resources to Civil Society
Chapter 6: Conclusion

Full text of the entire book (pdf - 5.94 Mb)