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Gorillas on Thin Ice
Thursday 15th January

Year of the Gorilla 2009 Fund-Raiser Skates-Off at The Natural History Museum Ice Rink in London Thursday 15th January

Photo Call at 10.30am

7 January 2009, London/Bonn/Nairobi- Nemo the Disney clownfish has done it and so have Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty; now it is time for 'Gorillas on Ice!'

As part of the 2009 international Year of the Gorilla (YoG), co-ordinated by the United Nations and to herald the Charles Darwin bi-centenary celebrations next month, a troupe of skaters dressed as primates are to take to the rink at The Natural History Museum in London.

The event, which is free to spectators, is happening on 15 January from 10.00am to noon with the Museum's Balcony overlooking the rink available for press photographers to capture the unique occasion.

The event aims to raise awareness and funds for human-kind's closest and most threatened relatives, with young skaters from London ice rinks volunteering to take part on behalf of our close cousins, the gorillas.

Funds raised throughout the YoG will support a range of innovative projects in Africa agreed under a new Gorilla Agreement and its recently adopted action plan.

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