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Delivering Tomorrow's Economy and Job Market Today

From Renewable Energy to Freshwaters: Five Sectors Key to Sustainable Recovery

Global Green New Deal Policy Brief Launched in Run Up to Crucial G20 Meeting

Nairobi, 19 March 2009-Investing one per cent of global GDP, or around $750 billion, into five key sectors could be the key to a Global Green New Deal.

The five sectors, from renewable energy to freshwaters, could in conjunction with other measures play an important role in reviving the global economy and boosting employment while accelerating the fight against climate change, environmental degradation and poverty.

These are among the findings of a new policy brief by economists and the United Nations launched in advance of the G20 meeting of world leaders in London in early April.

It also supports UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon's message that in rescuing the global economy the world must not lose sight of the development agenda and the need to protect vulnerable groups.

The report fleshes out the multiple economic, environmental and social benefits of investing a significant amount of the $3 trillion-worth of stimulus packages in five areas.

  • Raising the energy efficiency of old and new buildings
  • Renewable energies including wind, solar, geothermal and biomass
  • Sustainable transport including hybrid vehicles; high speed rail and bus rapid transit systems
  • The planet's ecological infrastructure including freshwaters, forests, soils and coral reefs
  • Sustainable agriculture including organic production

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