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Chinese businesses aim for a low-carbon economy

The Nature of Cities Forum: "Low Carbon transformation for Chinese enterprises"

29 July 2010, Shanghai/ Nairobi - Chinese entrepreneurs and representatives from major Chinese businesses, including the country's largest real estate company, Vanke, and air conditioning manufacturer Broad Air, gathered today in the UN Pavilion at the Expo 2010 Shanghai to take part in a forum entitled: "The Nature of Cities- Low Carbon Transformation and Chinese Enterprises".

Held six months prior to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancún, Mexico, the forum is designed as a platform for green business leaders to discuss ways of reducing carbon emissions in China.

Co-hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology (SEE), the forum brought together green business leaders, government officials, and specialists on low-carbon transformation. The aim of the forum is to encourage the development of a low-carbon economy driven by Chinese entrepreneurs as well as demonstrating the competitiveness of low-carbon enterprises in China.

SEE, an environmental NGO based in China, was founded in 2004 by over 100 entrepreneurs and initially focused on anti-desertification efforts in northwestern China. It now works with Chinese businesses to promote environmental and social responsibilities.

A central theme of the "Nature of Cities" forum is the integration of low-carbon technology into Chinese businesses. This would not only provide a boost to China's green economy but also improve bio-diversity in urban environments by reducing carbon emissions.

Chinese businesses are expected to play a leading role in achieving the country's goal for reducing carbon emissions and contributing to global sustainable development.

UNEP and SEE will also announce the 'neutralising' of carbon emissions caused by participants' travel to the forum by purchasing emission quotas from the China Environment and Energy Network. Together with the extensive discussions taking place at the Shanghai forum, it is hoped this small action will spur local businesses into working towards a low-carbon economy in China.

For More Information Please Contact :

Mia Turner, UNEP/Nairobi, Tel.+86-13521965107;Mia.Turner@unep.org.

Deng Xiaojun, UNEP/Nairobi, Tel.+254-7214838443, Xiaojun.deng@unep.org

Lu Xiaohong,SEE/Beijing, Tel. +86-15810877628;luxiaohong@see.org.cn

Sun Weiwei,AER/Shanghai, Tel.+86-13501320842;zoe.sun@yahoo.cn

Or visit the UNEP Shanghai Expo Website www.unep.org/chinese/expo2010/en

Business leaders attending UNEP's “The Nature of Cities" forum held in the UN Pavillion at the Shanghai Expo



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