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UNEP Annual Report 2007

UNEP Annual Report 2007 This summary of UNEP's activities in 2007 provides an overview of the organization's contribution to the fight against climate change in a year in which unequivocal evidence established that global warming is the defining challenge of our era. The report also looks at the broad range of other activities carried out by UNEP as it follows its mandate to provide environmental leadership and promote sustainable development.
Download the full report (11.3 Mb)

Table of contents :

Introduction (127 Kb)

  • Message from the UN Secretary-General
  • Introduction by the UNEP Executive Director
  • UNEP Funding 2007

Climate Change (1.2 Mb)

  • Regional perspective: West Asia
  • Focus on: the Global Environment Facility

Ecosystem Management (5.5 Mb)

  • Focus on: Assessment
  • Regional perspective: Asia-Pacific

Environmental Governance (0.8 Mb)

  • Regional perspective: Africa
  • Focus on: Outreach

Resource Efficiency (1.2 Mb)

  • Regional perspective: Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Focus on: Business

Harmful Substances and Hazardous Waste (2 Mb)

  • Regional perspective: North America
  • Focus on: Mercury and Other Heavy Metals

Natural Disasters and Post-conflict Response (1 Mb)

  • Regional perspective: Europe
  • Focus on: Environment and Security in Europe

UNEP Around the World (86 Kb)