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9/18 - Energy

The Governing Council,

Recalling its decision 7/9 of 3 t4ay 1979, as well as its previous decisions on the subject of energy,

Re-emphasizing its views on the importance of energy to the world economy and the close interrelatedness of energy and environmental and human settlements problems,

Concerned at the lack of adequate institutional arrangements to deal with the development and proper use of energy on a global basis and conscious of the need to redress the situation,

Deeply concerned at the low priority given by the United Nations Environment Programme to this very important field, as reflected by the allocation of resources to this area in past biennial budgets,

1. Urges the Executive Director to seek the collaboration of the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) with a view to making joint efforts in the preparations for the Conference on New and Renewable Sources of Energy;

2. Decides, pending the results of the Conference, to continue to allocate substantial financial resources against the energy budget line to allow for the accelerated development of this aspect of the programme.

9th meeting

26 May 1981