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1. Decides that, in order to provide for the most efficient co-ordination of United Nations environmental programmes, and Environment co- ordination Board, under the chairmanship of the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, shall be established under the auspices and within the framework of the Administrative Committee on Co-ordination;

2. Further decides that the Environment Co-ordination Board shall meet periodically for the purpose of ensuring co-operation and co-ordination among all bodies concerned in the implementation of environmental programmes and that it shall report annually to the Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme;

3. Invites the organizations of the United Nations system to adopt the measures that may be required to undertake concerted and co- ordinate programmes with regard to international environmental problems, taking into account existing procedures for prior consultation, particularly on Programme and budgetary matters;

4. Invites the regional economic commissions and the United Nations Economic and Social Office at Beirut, in co-operation where necessary with other appropriate regional bodies, to intensify further their efforts directed towards contributing to the implementation of environmental programmes in view of the particular need for the rapid development of regional co-operation in this field;

5. Also invites other intergovernmental and those not-governmental organizations that have an interest in the field of the environment to lend their full support and collaboration to the United Nations with a view to achieving the largest possible degree of co-operation and co- ordination;

6. Calls upon Governments to ensure that appropriate national institutions shall be entrusted with the task of the co-ordination of environment action both national and international;

7. Decides to review as appropriate, at its thirty-first session, the above institutional arrangements, bearing in mind, inter alia, the responsibilities of the Economic and Social Council under the Charter of the United Nations.