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12. At its 30th meeting, on 17 April 1975, the Governing Council adopted the provisional agenda for the third session as approved at its second session, 3/ with the modifications suggested by the Executive Director in his note (UNEP/GC/2f). The agenda as adopted was as follows:

1. Opening of the session.

2. Election of officers.

3. Agenda and organization of the work of the session.

4. Credentials of representatives.

5. Introductory report by the Executive Director.

6. Report of the Environment Co-ordination Board.

7. Programme matters:

(a) Review of the environmental situation and of activities relating to the environment programme-,

(b) The proposed programme-

(c) Proposed Fund programme activities (revised 1975 and proposed 1976-1977);

(d) Determination of environmental elements for inclusion in the criteria for the review and appraisal of the International Development Strategy for the Second United Nations Development Decade;

(e) The role of the United Nations Environment Programme in the attainment of the science and technology objectives of the Second United Nations Development Decade and the World Plan of Action for the Application of Science and Technology to Development.

8. Habitat: United Nations Conference on Human Settlements: progress report.

9. United Nations Habitat and Human Settlements Foundation: implementation of Governing Council decision 16 (II).

10. Matters arising from the general procedures governing the operations

of the Fund of the United Nations Environment Programme.

11. Financial and budgetary matters-.

(a) Report on the implementation of the Fund programme in 1974,

(b) Approval of the medium-,term plan for 1976-1979

(c) Review and approval of the Fund programme for 1975, 1976 and 19771-1

(d) Review of the Secretary-Generals proposals regarding the United Nations Environment Programme in the regular budget of the United Nations.

12. Question of convening a second United Nations conference on the human environment.

13. Implementation of the request addressed to the Governing Council by the General Assembly in its resolution 3129 (XXVIII).

14. Provisional agenda, date and place of the fourth session of the Governing Council.

15. Other business.

16. Report of the Governing Council to the General Assembly.

17. Closure of the session