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Organization of work

13. At its 30th meeting, the Governing Council considered the organization of the work of the session in the light of the suggestions made by the secretariat in the annotations to the provisional agenda and of the suggested time-table of meetings contained in the note by the Executive Director. It was agreed that items 5, 6,

7 (d) and (e) and 15 should be considered together in the context of a general debate.

14. At the same meeting the Governing Council decided to establish two sessional committees and to allocate agenda items to them as follows:

Sessional Committee I: agenda item 7 (a), (b) and (c) and parts of item 15

Sessional Committee II: agenda items 10 and 11

Mr. Ernest A. Boateng (Ghana) and Mr. Donald F. McMichael (Australia)

Vice-Presidents, were appointed Chairman of Sessional Committees I and II, respectively.