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19/6. Globalization and the environment: emerging issues on the environment and trade agenda

The Governing Council,

Having considered the report of the Executive Director on globalization and the environment: emerging issues on the environment and trade agenda, /

1. Notes with satisfaction the role the United Nations Environment Programme has played in clarifying the relationship and in increasing the dialogue between the environment and trade communities, as well as in strengthening the capacity, especially of developing countries and countries with economies in transition, to participate actively in the debate;

2. Notes also with satisfaction the initiatives of Governments, United Nations and intergovernmental organizations, industry and business associations and non﷓governmental organizations in supporting and promoting a synergy between, and the mutual supportiveness of, trade polices and environmental protection;

3. Calls upon Governments to strengthen efforts to develop mutually supportive trade and environment policies, with particular attention to the needs and requirements of developing countries and countries with economies in transition;

4. Invites Governments to consider measures and mechanisms to facilitate transparency within the trade-related organizations and decision﷓making bodies, and facilitate contributions by major groups to those organizations and bodies;

5. Calls upon the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme to continue:

(a) To promote and support efforts to clarify and assess the environmental effects of trade and trade policies, as well as the effects of environmental policies on trade;

(b) To contribute to and support international efforts to promote a synergy between environment and trade objectives in policy development and implementation;

(c) To cooperate actively with other international organizations dealing with the relationship between the environment and trade, in particular the World Trade Organization and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development;

(d) To contribute to international efforts to promote and facilitate environmentally responsible investments.

8th meeting

7 February 1997