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Election of officers other than the President

22. At its 1st plenary meeting, the Conference elected the following 26 Vice-Presidents: I Mohamed Khaled Kheladi (Algeria), Eduardo Bradley (Argentina), Peter Howson (Australia), Ingrid Leodolter (Austria), Jack Davis (Canada), Tang Ke (China), Mostafa Tolba

At its 18th plenary meeting, on 15 June 1972, the Conference decided that the two posts of Vice President of the Conference and Vice-Chairman of the First Committee that had been left vacant when the Conference elected its officers at its 1st plenary meeting should not be filled.

(Egypt), Robert Poujade (France), Alfredo Obiols G6mez (Guatemala), C. Subramanian (India), Eskandar Firouz (Iran), Motoo Ogiso (Japan), A. Al-Adwani (Kuwait), Francisco Vizcaino Murray (Mexico), Adebayo Adedeji (Nigeria), S. G. Bakhash Raisani (Pakistan), J. Llosa Pautrat (Peru), Florin lorgulescu (Romania), Habib Thiam (Senegal), A. B. Gamerize (Swaziland), Peter Walker (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Russell E. Train (United States of America), S. Garcia Pintos (Uruguay), Z. Petrinovic (Yugoslavia), B. Engulu (Zaire), S. Kalulu (Zambia).

23. It elected Keith Johnson (Jamaica) as Rapporteur General.

24.It elected the chairmen and rapporteurs of the three main committees, and the vice-chairmen of the Second and Third Committees. The officers elected were as follows:

First Committee: I Helena Benitez (Philippines), Chairman; S. Bedaya-Ngaro (Central Attican Republic), Rappot-teur

Second Committee: J. Odero Jowl (Kenya), Chairman; Ahmed Al-Chelebi (Iraq), Vice-Chairman; L. J. Moster ,Iman (Nethcrlands), Rapporteur

Third Committee: Carlos Calero Rodrigues (Brazil), Chairman; Yilmaz Gurer (Turkey), Vice-Chairman; A. M. Ali-Hassan (Sudan), Rapporteur