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Adoption of the Agenda

25. The Conference, at its 1st plenary meeting, adopted the following agenda (A/CONF.48/1):

1. Opening of the conference

2.Election of the President

3.Adotopm of the rules of procedure

4.Constitution of committees

5.Election of officers other than the President

6.Credentials of representatives to the conference

(a)Appointment of the credentials Committee

(b)Report of the Credentials Committee

7. Adoption of the Agenda

8. General Debate

9. Decleration on the Human environment

10. Planning and management of human settlements for environmental quality (subject area 1)

11. Environmental aspects of natural resources management (Subject Area 11)

12.Identification and control of pollutants of broad international significance (subject area 111)

13.Educational information, social and cultural aspects of environmental issue (subject area IV)

14.Development and environment (subject area V)

15.International organizational implications of action proposals (subject area VI

16. Adoption of plan of action

17. Adoption of the Report of the Conference