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I - Peace, security and the environment

122. Several representatives strongly supported the subprogram activities and, in view of the emergence of new global concerns on environmental security, welcomed the new initiatives proposed. The developments on disarmament agreements were very encouraging, they stated, but it was essential for UNEP to continue to assess the situation and bring out recommendations for new mechanisms and institutional arrangements to help solve environmental conflicts and respond to the need for international environmental security. One representative suggested that the activity should be strengthened to cover such areas as nuclear tests and destruction of chemical weapons and that the whole concept of environmental security should be developed to put more emphasis on eradication of poverty.

123. Some representatives considered that UNEP should have a specific role in the areas of peace and security, but the proposed activities were not clear enough and were too costly. One representative proposed that new activities in the area should be distributed among relevant other subprograms.

124. A number of representatives expressed strong reservations about the proposed new activities, especially the activity to examine mechanisms to resolve environmental conflicts. They considered that this issue was being addressed by Working Group III of the Preparatory Committee for UNCED, and UNEP should not initiate any new activity in that area before the matter had been dealt with in that forum.

125. Several representatives recommended that, in accordance with General Assembly resolution 44/253, this subprogram should be deleted. The funds so released, stated one representative, could be reallocated

126. One representative appealed to the Committee not to delete the subprogram, since it dealt with the very survival of the biosphere as the life-support system of humanity. Recent events in Kuwait, he stated, attested to the need for such a subprogram as part of UNEP's overall responsibilities.