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Needs and objectives

14. The needs and objectives, as set out in the two project documents, were:

(a) To promote collaboration between UNEP and its United Nations partners, as well as with regional bodies, on efforts to identify and define environmental issues and to improve policies for environmentally sustainable development;

(b) To monitor closely deliberations in the General Assembly and its subsidiary bodies and maintain effective communication with United Nations permanent representatives to United Nations Headquarters;

(c) To survey and assess environmental issues within the context of social and political trends in the region, to ensure a clear identification of priorities;

(d) To maintain regular contacts and briefings with high﷓level officials of the Governments in North America and environment﷓related agencies;

(e) To identify focused actions to increase public awareness and understanding of environmental issues;

(f) To strengthen the UNEP programme and help ensure effective implementation by engaging the interest and support of the public in North America, including non﷓governmental and private sectors.

15. The evaluation is being carried out to determine whether, and to what extent, these major objectives have been achieved. In addition, it aims to establish whether attainment of these objectives will have a positive impact on the environment and the work of UNEP in North America and worldwide. Above all, the evaluation is intended to assist RONA in finding its proper strategic location, given new global developments and changing priorities.