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Annex 1



We, Ministers responsible for the environment in our respective countries,

Having met in Abuja during the AMCEN, on 5 and 6 April 2000,

Noting recent state-of-the-environment reports, such as the Global Environment Outlook report of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on the escalating and emerging environmental problems in our continent,

Concerned that Africa is the only continent in which poverty is expected to rise during the twenty-first century,

Also concerned about the increasing number of emerging and crisis situations in Africa as a result of global environmental changes with adverse social, cultural and economic effects,

Recalling the efforts which have been made since the inception of AMCEN in 1985,

Recognizing the role played by regional, subregional and national bodies in promoting sustainable development in Africa,

Bearing in mind the fact that success in achieving sustainable development will ultimately depend upon good policies, effective leadership, involved citizens, accurate information and informed national decision-making,

Hereby declare:

To commit ourselves to the implementation of the renewed AMCEN policy and programmes;

To keep under constant review policy actions that will enable us to address environmental challenges, especially new and emerging issues;

To build capacities in order to deal effectively with major environmental concerns;

To forge strategic partnerships with the public and private sector, civil society, non-governmental organizations and the international community in preparing and implementing AMCEN policies and programmes;

To commit ourselves to coordinated implementation of environmental treaties in accordance with the environmental and developmental priorities of the continent;

To ensure adequate preparation for and effective participation in relevant global environmental initiatives in order to address Africa’s concerns; in this regard we make reference to the first Global Environment Forum to be held in Malmö, Sweden;

To cooperate with relevant regional and subregional bodies in the preparation of a common African position for the Earth Summit 2002 and in the implementation of its outcome;

To support the AMCEN secretariat in the mobilization of financial resources to ensure sustainable implementation of AMCEN programmes;

Also commit ourselves to the implementation of the decisions adopted by the eighth session of AMCEN.

Abuja, Nigeria, 6 April 2000