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Constitution of subsidiary bodies

26. In accordance with rule 4 of the rules of procedure, the Conference, at its 1st plenary meeting, established a credentials Committee, composed, in accordance with rule 5, of the following States: Australia, Colombia, France, Ireland, Liberia, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, United States of America and Yugoslavia .2

27. In accordance with rule 44 of the rules of procedure, the Conference at its 1st plenary meeting established three main committees to study the substantive items of its agenda.

28. It allocated to the First Committee the following agenda items:

Planning and management of human settlements for environmental quality (agenda item 10)

Educational, informational, social and cultural aspects of environmental quality (agenda item 13)

Draft recommendations 85, 98 (b) and 99 contained in document


29. It allocated to the Second Committee the following agenda items:

Environmental aspects of natural resources management (agenda item I 1)

Development and environment (agenda item 14)

30. It allocated to the Third Committee the following agenda items:

Identification and control of pollutants of broad international significance (agenda item 12)

International organizational implications of action proposals (agenda item 15)

31. The re ort of the Credentials Committee is given in annex 1.

32. At its 7th plenary meeting, on 8 June 1972, the Conference decided to set up a Working Group on the Declaration on the Human Environment. The report of the Working Group is given in annex

2 Rule 5 of the rules of procedure of the Conference provided that the composition should be the same as that of the Credentials Committee of the General Assembly at its twenty-sixth session.

As Mongolia, Somalia and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, members of the General Assembly's Credentials Committee, were not represented at the Conference, it was agreed that their places should be taken by the Sudan, the Syrian Arab Republic and Yugoslavia.

3 See chapters IX.