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E - Agenda

15. At the opening meeting of the session, the Council adopted the following agenda, as approved at its thirteenth session:

Opening of the session.

Organization of the session:

Election of Officers;

Agenda and organization of the work of the session.

Credentials of representatives.

Executive Director’s reports.

State-of-the-environment reports.

Co-ordination questions:

Co-operation between the United nations Environment programme and the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat);

Reports of the Administrative Committee on Co-ordination.

Report of the World Commission on environment and Development.

Environmental Perspective to the Year 2000 and Beyond.

Implementation of the Plan of Action to Combat Dersertification.

Prgramme maters.

The Environment Fund.

Other administrative and financial matters.

Provisional agenda, date and place of the fifteenth session of the Council.

Other business.

Adoption of the report.

Closure of the session.