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D - Periodicity and duration of sessions of the Governing Council

25. In its decision 11/2 of 23 May 1983, the Governing Council decided, inter alia, that there would be no session of the Council in 1986, on an experimental basis, and that in 1987 it would decided finally on the periodicity of its sessions. In paragraph 3 of its resolution 40/200 of 17th December 1985, the General Assembly invited the Council, when reviewing the experiment with the organization of a biennial work programme, to consider changes that might in consequence be necessary in the functioning of the Council, including the term of membership. At its fourteenth session, had implications on general Assembly resolutions 2997 (XXVII) of 15 December 1972 and 3436 (XX) of 9 December 1975, the Council, by paragraph 1 of its decision 14/4 of 18 June 1987, decided to recommend to the Assembly for its consideration and adoption a draft resolution annexed to that decision by which the Assembly would make the necessary arrangements for the Council’s transition to a biennial cycle of session, including arrangements for a change in the term of office of members of the council from three years to four, as mentioned in Assembly resolution 40/200. By paragraph 5 of the same decision, the Council requested the Administrative Committee on Co-ordination to continue to report to its on an annual basis in accordance with Assembly resolution 2997 (XXVII).