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E - In-depth study of the United Nations intergovernmental Structure and functions in the economic and social fields

26. In response to subparagraph (I) of decision 1987/112 of 6 February 1987 of the Economic and Social Council, the Governing Council adopted, by its decision 14/12 of 18 June 1987, a statement regarding the objectives envisaged in recommendations 8 of the report of the Group of High-level Intergovernmental Experts to Review the Efficiency of the Administrative and Financial Functioning of the United Nations. 2/ The decision was adopted with the understanding that the statement would be transmitted by the Executive Director to the Special Commission of the Economic and Social Council on the In-depth Study of the United Nations Intergovernmental Structure and Functions in the Economic and Social Fields, established under its resolution 1987/112, within 30 days of the closure of the fourteenth session of the Governing Council.