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G - Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development

28. By paragraph II of its resolution 38/161 of 19 December 1983, the General Assembly decided that, on matters within the mandate and purview of the United and Development should in the first instance be considered by the Governing Council for transmission to the Assembly together with its comments. In accordance with that resolution, the Council considered the report 3/ at its fourteenth session and decided, by paragraph 3 of decision 14/14 of 19 June 1987, to transmit it to the Assembly. By paragraph 4 of the same decision, it recommended to the Assembly for consideration and adoption a draft resolution annexed to the decision.

Furthermore, in paragraph 5 of the decision, it drew the attention of the Assembly to chapter VI of the proceedings of the fourteenth session of the Council (see annex III), in which the views expressed in the debate on the report are summarized.