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Sustainable development depends on a healthy local, national, regional and global environment. Human needs of the present and future generations should be considered in that light.

Efforts to solve global environmental issues and to ensure sustainable development can be linked through effective policy implementation. Serious political will and commitment by all sectors of society are required to achieve the goal of global environmental protection. Environmental considerations should be fully integrated into economic development and related activities.

There is a need to identify innovative combinations of policies that are efficient and cost-effective and that encourage the public and private sectors to work together. Economic sectors, including industry, financial and business sectors are essential parts of a process to identify such an innovative approach.

The United Nations Environment Programme, as the principal United Nations body in the field of the environment, stands ready to play a major role to promote actions at all levels that are designed to sustain the continued adequate functioning of ecological systems. It continues to facilitate scientific understanding of the nature of the links among environmental issues and their relationships to essential human needs. It bridges such scientific understanding and policy options for necessary action to protect the global environment.

We call on world business leaders to join our common cause to protect the global environment, our Planet, and our future.