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London/Nairobi, 28 March 2002 - The programme provides food for thought as world leaders prepare for the upcoming United Nations Summit slated to address social and environmental ills that must be faced if development in the 21st century must continue apace.

"UNEP has been pleased to be a sponsor of the edirorially-independent series for over three years", says Tore Brevik, UNEP's Director of Communication. "Earth Report will be the only weekly series on global television that sets out to cover the issues on the Johannesburg agenda".

The broadcast on BBC World Television reaches some 180 million homes. UNEP is particularly pleased to be associated with the programme and sees it as a way of providing viewers with a better insight into the policy issues with which world leaders will be faced at the Summit.

According to Robert Lamb, series editor: Our aim is to shed light on sustainable development, to give a glimpse of its meaning to people in different parts of the world. We are making it as painless as possible for our viewers to connect with the organizations most closely involved in trying to ensure there will be a positive outcome to the Johannesburg Summit".

Some of the programmes to be aired are:

· A Fish too Far: how one West African State is taking on the European Union to ensure a sustainable fishery

· Rich Pickings: Earth Report goes to the Amazon with the endangered species police to find that wildlife smuggling is out of control

· Not a Dirty Word: Contaminated water is the world's biggest killer. In Nairobi, Manila and Sao Paulo, local communities are spearheading the big clean-up

· Growing Up 2002: TVE revisits the children born at the time of the Rio Earth Summit. The Growing Up programmes tell the fate of the environment through the six families covered by Earth Report's crews in the intervening decade.

The new instalment in the award-winning series, made by the independent Television Trust for the Environment (TVE ) will be fully interactive. On the eve of the Summit, TVE will stage a special Earth Report debate featuring the leading players at Johannesburg.

Earth Report is broadcast five times per week GMT on Monday at 2230, Tuesday at 09.30 and 14.30, Wednesday at 02.30 a.m. and Saturday at 1930. For local broadcast times consult www.bbcworld

For more information contact: or visit the TVE website at UNEP's website:

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