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B - Special session of the Governing Council to consider and approve the United Nations system

27. By paragraph 2 of its resolution 42/185 of 11 December 1987, the General Assembly decided that the Governing Council should hold a special one-week session every six years, beginning in 1988, to consider and approve the system-wide medium-term environment programme and to consider the global programme on the environment of the proposed United Nations medium-term plan. However, at its seventeenth session, having considered the report of the Executive Director on implementation and mid-term review of the United Nations system-wide medium-term environment programme for 1990-1995'(UNEP/GC.17/6), the Council, by paragraph 2 of its decision 17/16 of 21 May 1993 (see annex below), endorsed the Executive Director's recommendation to assess the future arrangements for meeting the need for a strategy and planning document, in view of the new United Nations system-wide coordination arrangements being established. It further requested the Executive Director, by paragraph 3 of the same decision, to report to the Council at its regular session in 1995 on the need for a United Nations system-wide strategy and planning document in the field of the environment. The Council therefore made no plans for holding a special session in 1994.