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G - Global Conference on Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States

35. With regard to the Global Conference on Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States, to be held in 1994 in accordance with General Assembly resolution 47/189 of 22 December 1992, the Council, also by paragraph 2 of its decision 17/2, endorsed the follow-up actions proposed by the Executive Director relating to the Conference in her report on the subject (UNEP/GC.17/20, paras. 3-4). Those actions include making available to the Conference organizers UNEP's extensive experience and information on island environments; encouraging the implementing bodies of regional seas programmes for the Caribbean and the South Pacific and the small island States in the regional seas programmes for Eastern Africa, West Africa and South Asia to become actively involved in the regional technical meetings to prepare substantive contributions to the Conference; and cooperating in any other possible way in the organization of the Global Conference. In her report the Executive Director had also expressed the hope that the Conference results would be fully integrated with existing international agreements, ongoing programmes and regional organizations to ensure the effective implementation of conference decisions.