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C - Election of officers

11. At the opening meeting of the Session, the Council elected the following officers by acclamation:

President: Dr. E. 0. A. Aina (Nigeria)

Vice-Presidents: Mr. E. Libid (Philippines)

Mr. A. Lizarralde-Maradey (Venezuela)

Mr. E. Fiil (Denmark)

Repporteur: Mr. A. T. Kowalewski (Poland)

12. In his acceptance statement, the President said that the mandate of UNEP had been expanded by the Rio de Janeiro Conference to include new priorities that had major policy implications. At its current session, the Council was expected to map out precise directions to the secretariat for meeting the challenges of those priorities. Progress had to be made by building on prior success to narrow the gap between the developed and developing countries. Concrete efforts also were needed to establish a new and more equitable international economic order. Calling on all delegations to help make the Council's deliberations fruitful, he stated that the importance of the environment in sustainable development could not be overemphasized, since environment permeated all aspects of human life, influenced social and economic development, as well as trade, and was decisive for all lives on Earth. Reaffirming the overwhelming need for global cooperation in translating into reality the various resolutions and programmes geared towards saving the Earth from further degradation, he wished all present success in their work at the session.