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VI - Programme Matters Including the Implementation of the Plan of Action to Combat Desertification

1. As decided by the Council at the St meeting of the session (see chapter I, para. 14 above), agenda item 7 was discussed in the Programme Committee. The Committee's report on its discussions is reproduced as annex II to the present proceedings.

2. Having taken note of the report of the committee and having considered the draft decisions approved by it (UNEP/GC.16/L.18 and Corr. 1), the Council, at its 8th plenary meeting, on 31 May, adopted a number of decisions on matters falling under this item (decisions 16/22 to 16/25 and 16/30 to 16/43). The text of the decisions is included in annex I to the present proceedings, and their process of adoption, including any comments made at the time, is recorded in chapter II, paras. 64-81 and 86-120, above.