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International Environmental Technology Centre (decision 16/34)

95. At the 8th meeting of the session, on 31 May, the Council had before it a draft decision on this subject submitted by the Bureau (UNEP/GC.16/L.45), prepared on the basis of an earlier draft submitted by Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Thailand (UNEP/GC.16/L.34).

96. The representative of Japan introduced a number of amendments to the draft.

97. The draft decision, as amended by the representative of Japan, was adopted by consensus.

98. Speaking in explanation of the position after the adoption of the decision, the representative of Argentina said that his delegation had a number of reservations about the text: first, no study had been presented to the Council to support the establishment of the Centre; secondly, there were many complex conditions set and decisions to be taken without any Deference to the Governing Council; and, third, the proposed centre appeared to be more of a training and advisory centre rather than one that would promote the transfer of technology. Indeed, there was some lack of compatibility between the text of the decision and Japan's actual position on the question of transfer of technology.