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United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED)

18. Numerous representatives spoke of the importance of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). One voiced the opinion that, as UNCED was taking place after the Cold War, it could devote itself fully to environment and development issues. Another expressed the view that the Conference would formulate the basis of a new world order.

19. Many representatives urged UNEP to continue contributing to the preparations for the Conference. One stated that those preparations should include the subjects of transfer of and access to environmentally sound technology, the development of endogenous technology and new and additional resources to support sustainable development. Another suggested that the critical subject of environmental information be included in the UNCED agenda.

20. A number of representatives claimed that UNEP should be strengthened with a view to UNCED and beyond, and several stated the belief that UNCED could only strengthen UNEP further. Many observed that the Conference would recommend the restructuring of the entire United Nations system, UNEP included, in respect of environmental issues and that it was therefore premature to take any decisions concerning UNEP's structure or mandate.

21. A number of representatives expressed the hope that the conventions on climate change and biological diversity would be ready for signature at the Conference. One stated that his Government would oppose any convention on climate change that did not contain concrete commitments for the control of carbon dioxide emissions, as well as resources for the transfer of technology. Echoing this view, another representative insisted upon a climate change framework convention that "had teeth". Several others urged UNEP to concentrate its resources on developing the biological diversity convention as rapidly as possible. However, some stated that, if time constraints adversely affected its quality, they preferred to await a after UNCED.