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Special session of the Governing Council in 1992

24. Concerning the Executive Director's proposal to hold a special session of the Governing Council early in 1992 before the last session of the UNCED Preparatory Committee, a number of representatives said it was important to hold such a session, as it would give the Council an opportunity to consolidate its views and make recommendations to UNCED, and to study and evaluate various reports for submission to the Conference. One representative, supporting the proposed special session prior to UNCED, said there should also be another special session afterwards to consider the outcome of the Conference.

25. A number of representatives said there was insufficient reason to warrant holding a special session in 1992.

26. Several representatives said it might be preferable to hold a special session after UNCED, but before the forty-seventh session of the General .Assembly, to enable the Council to report on how UNEP could respond to UNCED.

27. Referring to the three reports that were to be submitted to the Governing Council at the proposed special session, one representative said that they did not appear to warrant the costs of a session; the resources could be better used for substantive contributions. Another representative considered that the reports should have been submitted to the Council at its current session. Several representatives suggested that the reports be considered by the Committee of Permanent Representatives and passed, with that Committee's comments, to the UNCED Preparatory Committee.